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Homemade treatments

7 ways to whiten your teeth at home

Unfortunately, there is no natural teeth whitening method to perform miracles, but there are several methods that give extra shine teeth and make them whiter. If you want to have spotless white teeth, it’s necessary to visit your dentist who will recommend you a method that fit your teeth. Until …

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How to get rid of unwanted hair permanently

Whether on the face, forearms, under arms, shins or thighs, and bikini line, the hair present in all these areas is a major aesthetic concern nowadays, especially for women. Are you tired of visiting clinics hoping that you will solve this problem? Tired of using several cosmetics and searching for …

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Whiten your yellow nails in 3 steps

Yellow nails are unsightly and unhealthy, the main cause being represented by a fungal infection. Another factor that yellow the nails is the nail polish used repeatedly. To get rid of the yellowness, let your nails breathe and stop using nail polish for a while.

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